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Steve Dexter

"How the Rich Stay Rich, Generation after Generation…"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Location: El Camino Country Club, Oceanside CA


How the Rich Stay Rich, Generation after Generation…And How You Can Too!

Family Wealth: How to Get It, Keep It, Preserve It and Pass It On!


At the NSDREI’s August Meeting, Steve Dexter, an experienced long-time real estate investor, will share with us the estate preservation secrets he has received from his attorneys, tax advisors and estate planners as well as those he has personally implemented.  As part of his presentation he will speak on how to use title holding techniques to buy properties for short term as well as long term wealth building. Transfers of wealth from one generation to the next fail 70% of the time; the money just slips away.  Most failures are from lack of trust and communication within a family; others from unprepared heirs. A century ago, great wealth was built by the Rockefellers, the Carnegies and Morgan’s. Now you can learn the secrets of wealth from the modern day Gates and the Buffets.


How did they do it, and how are they keeping it?  During this presentation, you will learn how to:


  • Pass on your money with no gift tax
  • Teach your kids not to waste it and even make their own way
  • Use Living Trusts
  • Build a multi-generational family dynasty


Don’t miss these time-tested strategies on passing mega-wealth to the next generation without taxes, while still maintaining control while you’re alive!  With the knowledge you will get at this meeting you will be able to have a more knowledgeable and well-rounded discussion with your personal advisors.



About the Speaker

  Steve Dexter is the author of 4 books, including Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich and Beat the Banks--Prospering in the Rising Wave of Bank Foreclosures. Steve has lectured on real estate at the Harvard Business School, Law School, and Graduate School of Design and continues to appear on CNBC, CNN/Money, Christian Science Monitor, US News and World Report and CBS Radio. Steve is a long-time favorite at NSDREI; his valuable insight and incisive wit make him a popular presenter with members of the club.

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    El Camino Country Club

    3202 Vista Way (at Valley Glen Dr.) Oceanside, CA 92056

    Phone for Directions Only: 760-757-2100



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