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Frank Rolfe and Eric Siragusa

"The Best Kept Secret In Real Estate"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Location: El Camino Country Club, Oceanside CA


Are you looking for high cash flow, high equity returns, and low risk? Are you looking for an asset class and market niche that is always in high demand? Then look no further than mobile home parks (MHPs): the ultimate in affordable housing and one of the best-kept secrets in real estate! Did you know that 20% of all Americans are trying to live on $20,000 per year of total income? That works out to a budget of $500 per month for housing. The best option for this group of 60,000,000 Americans, offering both affordability and home ownership, is mobile home parks! While an estimated 8% of Americans already live in mobile homes, a much larger number is forecast to need this type of housing option in the years ahead.


Frank and Eric will teach you how to become a successful MHP investor and will discuss:


  • Why MHPs are so profitable and yet so misunderstood
  • Why now is such a good time to invest in MHPs – maybe the best we will ever see
  • How to find and analyze MHPs
  • How to perform due diligence on MHPs
  • Strategies to increase cash flow and park value (i.e. build wealth!)



About the Speaker

  Frank and Eric, along with their partner Dave Reynolds, co-manage multiple MHP investment funds ( that, in the last 18 months alone, have purchased over 30 parks comprising over 3000 lots. Frank has been investing in MHPs for well over a decade and is a well-known author and educator. Eric holds a Ph.D from UCSD and has been on the NSDREI Board of Directors since 2006, serving as President since 2008.

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    El Camino Country Club

    3202 Vista Way (at Valley Glen Dr.) Oceanside, CA 92056

    Phone for Directions Only: 760-757-2100



For questions about event registration, please call 714-828-8220.

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